“I Am So happy” – Nigerian Lady Rejoices After Her Goat Gives Birth to Twin

A Nigerian lady is celebrating because her goat has given birth to twin babies.

The lady, Sweet Cyon held the two baby goats and danced with them in her arms in celebration of the latest harvest of blessings.

Cyon said she was not around when her goat welcomed the twin babies as she was away on a two-day journey.

When she returned, she saw that her goat was blessed with two cute babies.

Cyon’s TikTok handle is replete with videos of her either dancing or playing with the goat.

The she-goat has become familiar with Cyon as it has become a pet that responds to her gestures.

People have seen that Cyon has a close relationship with the goat, making her popular.

Watch the below:

Reactions as lady celebrate after her goat gave birth to twin babies

@lateef kareem said:

“Which day for naming ceremony.”

@reverenceminang commented:

“The training and trust building starts from this stage.”

@Ifyyyyyy said:

“I have a dog for real I wan buy goat or ram.”

@wisdomiyip reacted:

“Where there papa? Make he come buy drinks for boys for successful delivery.”

@user5360245274761 said:

“Congratulations! You don get grandchildren.”

@Kelli Wooten said:

“Nah only for Benue state this thing fit happened.”

@ejeita said:

“Congratulations on your new grandchildren.”

@Norbert Chukwuebuka

“Congratulations! Get ready for babysitting.”

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