“I made sure you didn’t miss my wedding” – Bride visits her father’s grave (Video)

  • Bride’s emotional visit to late father’s grave on her wedding day captures hearts online.
  • Touching video shows bride in wedding gown presenting her bouquet to her father’s grave.
  • Bride sits beside the grave, taking poignant photos to include in her wedding album.

A bride captured the hearts of many as she visited her late father’s grave in her wedding gown on her special day.

The emotional moment unfolded as she ensured her father was a part of her wedding celebration, even though he couldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle.

Bride honors her late father in emotional visit to his grave on wedding day
A photo of the bride.

The bride with Tiktok handle @detaiyelolu experienced a bittersweet mix of emotions on her wedding day.

While she was undoubtedly overjoyed to embark on this new chapter of her life, there was a profound sense of loss in the absence of her beloved father, who had passed away.

In a heartwarming video that has since gone viral on social media platforms, the bride’s powerful tribute to her late father is beautifully captured.

She arrived at the cemetery adorned in her wedding gown, carrying her bouquet of flowers, a symbol of the love and happiness she wished to share with her father.

Standing before her father’s gravesite, she offered her wedding bouquet as a token of the love and respect she still holds for him.

The bride then took a seat beside her father’s grave, capturing photos that will forever hold a cherished place in her wedding album.

Netizens Reactions…

@Queen pearl reacted: “Another day to cry with strangers 🥺🥺”

@🪐Luckygirl stated: “So emotional that I don’t even get to know my dad before death took him my mum too don’t even know how parents love teast like 🥺🥺 Their souls rest”

@Adedolapo🦋 commented: “Omo..this video made me cry tonight remembering how my dad use to talk about my wedding but he’s gone ..na y I no wan marry be this cos I go cry💔”

@Allthingslovebyrae noted: “omo!!!i dont know what i would do on my own day oh God 🤦🙏be strong sis❤️”

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